miércoles, 1 de septiembre de 2010

Editorials of the week

I know, it’s just Wednesday, but there has been so many editorials I loved I just couldn’t help it.

Loved the blue-camel palette of the pictures. The use of full shots works incredibly well giving the editorial a fresh and new perspective (it’s something we don’t see as frequent as the model in front of a white background). This is Mathilde Frachon by photographer Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Nippon. With the help of Fashion Editor Beth Fenton, Frachon wears in innocent ways Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and the so coveted Celine.

This editorial photographed by Zig Tesch + Carolina Tesch is amazing in terms of purpose. The images reflect perfectly all of fall’s best trends, from the Miu Miu shoes to Prada’s big hives and long socks. Over sized sweaters, retro looks, sheep jackets, all are here.

Sasha Pivovarova looks wild and fierce in this editorial for September’s Número. Photographed by Greg Kadel, she manages to express a ferocity I haven’t seen in a long time from this young lady. Maybe it’s the rad makeup, or the hair styling but she captivates us with her strong look.

I found this picture (only this one), very pretty from the use of black and white to the graphic design. This is Tanya Dziahileva for September’s Flair, photographed by Eric Guillemain. She looks very rock-star-with-hangover in the whole editorial but in this picture she just looks innocent and beautiful. The light also helps giving her that touch of innocence along with the styling (the long socks again..)

Images via FGR

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