miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

City of God, Natasha Poly for V Magazine

Images via V Magazine
Sometimes we forget photography is meant to create an impact. Either sociological, political o aesthetically speaking, photography is created with a specific message to distribute; fashion photography is not the exception. I am a big fan of editorials that go beyond the typical themes for aesthetic purposes and actually present something new. We’ve seen quite a few times the religion theme, for example, Miranda Kerr for Número or Courtney Love for LaChapelle. But every time I see a new editorial with this theme I’m thrilled to see how they are going present it with a new perspective. That’s why I was delighted with this editorial featuring Natasha Poly, posing for the lens of Mario Sorrenti for V Magazine. Irreverent, surreal and sexual, the editorial has clear influences of LaChapelle (the poses) and Buñuel (Un chine andalou) with his photograph of Natasha invaded by tiny spiders (kudos for Mrs. Poly, she looks incredibly glam even when she is in a fear factor situation) and the mixture of B/N and blue-red palette is great. The styling by Jane How, and the make up by Aaron de Mey, are sublime, and seeing an editorial that goes for the risky themes without being aggressive is always a pleasure.

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