jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

Vote for Mademoiselle Karla!

Yesterday I received a mail from Privalia's Belen Limon that Mademoiselle Karla was nominated in Privalia's Blog Awards for Best Female Fashion Blog! 

Can't tell you how excited I am! But of course I need your help dear readers! I will thank you forever if you could vote for MademoiselleKarla, all you have to do is click on this link and vote where it says "Mejor Blog de Moda Femenina" for MademoiselleKarla. It would mean a lot to me :D

Thanks a lot and wish me luck!

martes, 27 de marzo de 2012

Flash Recap

Ok, so there's so much I wanted to tell you these past weeks but unfortunately my Macbook died. Still don't know if it will make it but keep you fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I'll resume in a very quick news update the following events.

As I told you, the B/Vloggers event took place two weeks ago and it was a major success. The panel, in which BoticaPop, NeonDelirium and myself spoke was amazing and I think it turned out very well. Congratulations to the PR association who organized this event, and thanks to all of you who watched it via stream or went to support us and hear everything we had to share. If you want to know more about the B/Vloggers check the note Style & Trend MX published, you can see SoyUnPato, Neon Delirium and yours truly in the pictures.

In case you were wondering what I wore, I went for striped pants from Zara, button shirt with high neck, Asos metallic envelope, studded bracelet and my very own Wonder Woman choker.
I fell in love with this pants since I saw them in AfterDrk, and I couldn't resist wearing them in such a special occasion, even if the hubby calls them the Beetlejuice Pants.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico AW12
Yesterday Mexico's most exclusive fashion week started. This year, the official sporkesperon is no more and no less than Miss Lara Stone herself. In the video made for the occasion, Lara appears as a very modern and sophisticated Dorothy, being lifted in the air by a tornado.

Elegance and luxury are the main values for Mercedes Benz, but it's good to see the designers featuring in this edition are beyond those elements. Pink Magnolia is a great example of what a young and fresh brand can achieve with few resources. And I'm not speaking in terms of finances, but the collection showed it self as simply marvelous. The theme was Madeline Rocks, and as you might remember the heroine from the books and cartoons, the capes, the berets and the A line coats in blue were the everyday uniform of this Parisian child.

Paola Wong and Cuca Díaz, the girls behind Pink Magnolia, did a terrific job with this romantic and french themed collection. Red, pink and cobalt blue were the main colors of the palette, a perfect choice for an autumn outfit, spiced by a heart motif in prints and sunglasses (in love with them). The use of bows and ribbons in button shirts didn't feel repetitive, on the contrary, it was a fresh touch to the parisian allure, as well as the transparencies in pleated dresses.

Images via Vogue MX

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Music Monday

Cause there's no better way to start the week than with a little bit of music, here is a playlist to make your monday way much better. Have a nice week!

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viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012

V/Bloggers Panel

Quick news...

Next tuesday (March, 13) Boticapop, Neon Delirium and yours truly will be discussing fashion blogs in a blogger's panel at the Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de Mexico. This event is part of a series of panels and conferences dedicated to blogging and videblogging. The schedule is the following:

12:00 hrs Interest Blogs with El Cafetin de las 5, Soy Un Pato and Alejandro Villalobos moderated by Víctor Fernández from Blogosfera Radial

13:00 hrs  Fashion Blogs with  Neon Delirium, Boticapop and @madykarla (myself) moderated by All Fashion Allowed.

14:00 hrs Video Blogs IrreventTV and Chingaqueditoo, moderated by Ale Caloca.

15:00 hrs Conference by  Álvaro Cueva

16:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs Private Gathering with Bloggers and selected guests... and you could be one of them!

If you want to chat some with Boticapop, Neon Delirium, myself or any of the other bloggers from the panels, I have 4 free tickets for you! With these you can enter any panel, the conference and the gathering.
All you have to do is send me an email to mademoisellekarla@hotmail.com with your name.

Hope to see you there!

Update: tickets are out, sorry.