domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Back to reality... and pinning a lot

Two weeks ago I finally went on vacation, if you were wondering why the hell I haven't blogged. For me, there's no better place to relax and forget than the beach. Lately, weather's been such a moron, with continuous storms and chilly days in the city. No wonder I was thrilled to go to warmer places and finally wear all the summer pieces I've bought. Call in the light cotton blouses, transparent shirts, sea themed asymmetrical skirts and lace crop tops. Even though I took pictures with my reflex, instagram is my faithful companion to the everyday fashion related events and attires, therefore the vintage low res pictures in the post. I wish I could show you now with every detail what I wore, but there are more important matters like letting you know I'm a pinterest obsessed girl or that this week we're going to talk about BEAUTY.

About Pinterest, I get a little hipster-like when I talk about it. Not that I invented it, neither I hate it now it's gone mainstream, but I like to praise myself for knowing it longer (yeaaaah right...) Ok, back to the point. This past weeks I've felt inspired by different emotions and pictures and have created what I call "quality boards". Meaning? They are cool enough to make me smile everytime I repin something on them, so why not share them with you so you can follow every little visual thought I have. 

Object of Desire - ¡Cause there ain't enough wishlists in the world

We live for couture - Whoever claims to like fashion and not daydream with princess-like gowns and dresses made with more detail than a fabergé egg, can call oneself a phony.

Fetish - One of my most recent boards happened to be inspired by no other than the sexy Dita Von Teese. Expect masks, red lips, garters and a big dose of kinkiness.

Idyllic - The jewel in my crown. If I could live in this board, life would be magically weird, like in The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky (one of my favorite movies). As the dictionary defines idyllic, the board is "extremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque". Expect randomness, stars, galaxies and ethereal images.

Follow these or all of my boards here. Pin, pin, pin!