lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Birthday and gifts!

Valerie van der Graaf photographed by Ellen von Unwerth for the Lavazza’s 2012 Calendar.

Well Happy Birthday to me! Can't believe I'm turning 22 today... No wait, actually I can. I have a job, a school debt and a serious relationship, I'm such a grownup now... Anyway it's never too late to party and have lots of cake and metallic balloons like in this Ellen Von Unwerth photograph for the Lavazza Calendar! 

In a weird way, today I'll be giving gifts instead of receiving them, why? Well I totally forgot to post the winner of the Halloween Fever giveaway! It was a tough one, I got to say I loved several costumes but the ultimate winner is Mrs. Kayla Karos and her revealing Lady Gaga costume! Loved the bustier and the glasses, you'll have your perfume soon!

Though it wouldn't bother to have a Birthday wishlist.... it would look just like this!
What you think, too much black for a birthday present to me? Then I'll gladly keep the Miu Miu's, thankyou!