jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

The Radiant Child

Last week I went to some shows at IDM SS12, that as you may not know is one of the fashion weeks in Mexico City where a lot of promising talents in the mexican fashion industry have shown their work. It's such a shame that this year designers like Maria Vogel and Natalie Amkie dropped out, but there were great surprises still. I only went the second day and had the chance to shoot backstage at Malafacha where I met Ingrid from Paragon Model Management. She has this ethereal look that is really captivating and the crown with the dreadlocks in the top of her head reminded me of the Where The Wild Things Are kid.

On the contrary, the collection, called The Radiant Child, was the opposite of ethereal, being inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat's work. As the paintings of the american artist, the collection was full of bright colors, deconstructed shapes and tribal motives. Though the prints were very eye catching, the styling of the overall pieces was a little difficult to digest. Malafacha's show is the type of show where you see potential pieces you would like to wear (there were some wicked full skirts and shirts with a chicken print I loved), but not the entire outfit. Victor Hernal and Francisco Saldaña, the minds behind Malafacha, are certainly not your typical fashion designers but maybe that's exactly what has set them apart all this time.

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