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FNO talks: what to wear

Vogue Fashion's Night Out is just around the corner and bloggers and icons are wondering what to wear. This just happen to be the perfect ocassion to dress up and go out with your favorite look. Have you thought about it? Do you already have your dress to impress look? Tell me about it! Don't forget there will be photographers and street style blogs (myself included) taking pictures to people with the most unique style.
If you still don't have any clue on what to wear, here are five basic ideas from our favorite street style blogs you might use as inspiration and look incredibly chic on time. But remember, be your best dressed version of yourself!

B/W with hints of neon
Spice up your look with the basic rule of attraction, bright colors. The long dress with the bows is perfect but it's not the average dress everyone has in their closet... better use the same silhouette or palette of colors and don't forget the pink and yellow shades of neon in the accessories.

Boots & Sweatshirt for the cold
Something is telling me either it's going to rain on Thursday or it will be as chilly as hell. In any case, be prepared with some tights or high boots. A sweatshirt with a leather skirt is an A-list combination as Taylor Tomasi Hill shows us; if it's with animal motifs that definitely means bonus points.

See through and creepers
This would be my perfect look... with heels. But some girls just can't handle the pain and for those situations the creepers and oxfords are quite the choice for comfort. Combine them with a see through skirt or dress with pleated texture and don't forget the extra touch with some edgy shades.

 Burgundy & Blue
This is some wicked combination of colors Hanneli wore with a tight mini skirt and a long sleeved shirt. The matching shoes and the little purse in baby blue just makes it better. This outfit is totally perfect in case there's a sunny day, but remember to have an extra pair of shoes, walking is going to be a must this FNO and you don't want blisters in the middle of the afternoo.

 Sixties & Glam
Can't tell you how much I love this blouse, it's all about the shoulders! In case you don't have one like that don't worry, the important thing here is the loose clothes and the pastel colors... oh and of course! the sixties vibes of the pants. These wide leg trousers are great for comfort and for the cold weather, besides you can use your most comfy boots or shoes and no one will tell.

What's inspiring you for Thursday? What will you wear?

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