miércoles, 14 de septiembre de 2011

FNO: The Recap II

Finally here's the second part of this FNO story... it was such a marvelous night, I want to congratulate the Vogue team, this was the best first step you could take towards making the FNO a regular event in Mexico City that promotes this special approach to fashion. As the motto said, "pusimos a Méxio de moda" and I hope dearly we keep on doing it. 

From the moment we arrived we realized that Antara was the place to be, there was a lot of movement and a lot of events in each store. Zara had a full size print of a Vogue magazine where you could take your picture; Pull & Bear was full to the top since it was the only store with discounts; Bershka and Bloom had DJ's and were giving tequila and vodka drinks; Massimo Dutti had martinis and a polaroid shoot where NeonDelirium, FashionBeatsParis & me took a picture. Guess had a photobooth which was the most fun thing ever! We met too with Rene from heARTbeat and Andy Sotomayor and had the best time taking pictures at the photobooth.

Even though there was this party mood in the air, it would have been better if more shops included the discount promotion. It certainly worked for the Inditex group and I'm pretty sure it would work as well with more expensive brands if there were special and once in a lifetime promotions. 

We decided to finally move to Masaryk to the party at Common People. I'd never gone there and was amazed by the design of the store, the decor, the magazines, everything. I'm saving for that claw necklace I saw... Sadly, when we arrived the cocktail was dying and the party at the roof was very crowded. That was our cue to go, we were pretty tired from going from one side of the city to the other but certainly had the best time.

Photography: Karla Agis

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Cinthya allsanher dijo...

me encantaron los lentes eh visto varias fotos de FNO donde aparecen pero yo solo fui a polanc0o :( y me lo perdi con las ganas que tengo de comprarme uno0os

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