domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

New In: Books

Yesterday I went book shopping, god, I really love to buy books, almost as much as shoes... Currently I'm reading American Gods from Neil Gaiman, my favorite sci-fi author but I couldn't resist to buy On the Road from Jack Kerouac, have you read it? I've heard amazing things, I'll tell you if it's as good as they say. When I was about to pay I found myself checking Mags! a book about independent magazine design and damn, it's good. From typography to photography and little interviews with each editor, this book is a hidden jewel for editorial geeks as myself. Blend, Fan the Fire, K and even Picnic are some of the magazines featured. Although I would have loved it to be more extensive with the catalog it's still a great acquisition. Thought I should share a preview...


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Chamberto dijo...

Muy buena adquisición, y aún mejor el GIF!

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