lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

FNO talks: The Recap

Wow, FNO was really an amazing experience. Did you have fun? I tried to post this yesterday, but you can imagine how tired I was and I actually got sick... but finally here it is, the recap!

The night started at Palacio de Hierro in Perisur. I arrived a little past 7 and there was a lot of movement thanks to the photoshoot that was taking place at the entrance with John Paul Ospina, E! Entertainment's anchor. I met with Kelly Talamas, Fashion Editor of Vogue Mexico, Mrs. Vavavoom who was a pleasure to meet, and Nina, a Vogue's fashion coordinator back in Miami's office. After meeting them we went from one place to another, from the shoot, to the dressing rooms to Kelly's Editor's Choice to the Palacio's fashion show - quite the tour!

While doing all this Kelly told me why she have chosen that style for her Choice, she's got the rock spirit and wanted to print that in the outfit. It was accesible in terms of fashion and it had such a kick ass style that I totally loved. Also, Mrs. Vavavoom (Her name is Karla as well) told me about her work in the magazine and how she feels so lucky to be part of such an amazing team. It was very inspiring and it really leaves you thinking that hard work and good timing are the formula for your dream job.

After that we went to the fashion show where Eva arrived, and later on she sang with Denisse from Belanova at Ferragamo. It was awesome, it's certainly one of the things you don't expect to happen. Also I had the chance to photograph actress Alejandra Barros for Estee Lauder, she's so beautiful!

I said goodbye to Vogue's team and met with my friends at Antara where we drank martinis, ate cupcakes and took a lot of pictures. I'll tell you more about it on part II... stay tuned!

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