martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010

M (minimalism; Max Mara)

Almost as if we didn’t know it yet, minimalism is going to be the strongest trend for 2011. It was the most dominant trend of the spring collections, from Paris to NY. But we can’t say we didn’t saw it coming. Several ad campaigns of this year were pretty much in the minimalist wave, a pretty good example being my favorite too, the Miu Miu one of fall 2010. Even the Philo fever announced a very slick silhouette, elegant, clean, and most of all, simple. And apparently that’s exactly how every minimalist manifestation wants to be recognized. As elegant and simple as it can be. No wonder Max Mara is completely getting the message. Karolina Kurkova not only looks powerful and fierce, but she pulls off the look with so little effort. The clean suit is going to be a regular in the street style stars like Giovanna Battaglia and Taylor Tomasi Hill next season.

Mario Sorrenti did a wonderful job with this shoot, keeping things simple and focused on the clothes, but what is under the minimalist message? In my opinion, it’s almost a premonition of the year to come. Or at least you can take it beyond your fashion philosophy and make it work in your own life. Sometimes things can be pretty simple. Relax, enjoy and try to see things as they are, a difficult task for such a complicated world, but not impossible. A little piece of advice? Minimalism is all about stripping to the essentials, either in your life or in an extremely fashionable suit, just like this Max Mara white one.

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