lunes, 25 de octubre de 2010

This is Halloween!

Ok, so the best season of the year is ahead and no, I’m not talking about Paris Fashion Week, I’m talking about Halloween. Let’s face it, it’s the time of the year where we can dress up as whatever we want, look eccentric and outrageous and enjoy the spooky mood of the parties. As the fashion people I know you are as readers of this blog I’m sure you are looking for the best (and most fashion) costumes. So here are some useful ideas!

Little Red Hood
If you have tremendous confection skills you might do a big cape like this McQueen Mrs. Guinness wore for Vanity Fair. Or maybe not. Anyway, this is a great inspiration for a dramatic version of Little Red Hood. A dark make up with dark lips will give it the Halloween touch. Don’t forget the basket with the apples. Black apples might be incredible!

Sexy Nun on Acid
Beware people! This is not a costume for everyone, but if you have the guts and body to pull it off, go ahead! This Versace nun outfit Miranda Kerr is wearing is absolutely stunning and combined with multicolored Louboutins it’s even better. You might go for the black and white nun costume but style it with knee socks, and some killer boots. If you are feeling adventurous go for the thigh high boots.

Catwoman (or Leopard woman)
This is a great and classic outfit. You might find every piece for your outfit in a department store, leopard print is still a trend. Don’t forget the black gloves, the leopard tail and the glasses, they are the main accessory! I suggest you get creative and make them yourself. All you need is a pair of sun glasses you no longer use, cardboard and leopard print fabric. Just cut the cardboard the way you like (resembling a ball mask might be better), paste it in the glasses and then cut the fabric in the same way as the cardboard. Make sure you also cover the sides.

McQueen’s Snake woman
The holy Grail of costumes. Ok, just for me, but this can be a reeeaally good Halloween costume. First of all you need a bodysuit you can paint, or if you find a body suit with snake print kuddos for you! You can do the McQueen armadillo shoes with cardboard and lots of imagination (I know you’re very creative), just make sure they’re comfortable enough. Now the most important part, apart from the shoes, are the snakes. You need to buy toy snakes, they’re easy to find in toy stores. Styled them along your arms and legs and don’t forget the dramatic snake make up.

The Zombie Brides á la Lacroix
This is clearly a reinterpretation of a Halloween classic, the zombie bride costume. Of course going in Lacroix is the highlight but for us mortals who can’t spend too much in a Halloween costume I suggest that you use an old wedding gown or borrow a white dress from your mom’s closet. Tons of jewelry and muddy hair are the complements. Don’t forget the make up must make you look pretty pale. Going barefoot is optional.

Maybe you’re looking for a Halloween costume which is lovely and not typically-terrifying. This Patrick Demarchelier photograph gives us ethereal beauty at its most. You’ll need a white gown, floral applications (mainly white) for the dress, big flowers to make a head piece, a veil, and a purple wig. It’s very easy to make the head piece, you can paste the flowers to a cap or to a headband. Don’t forget pink lipstick and white shades for the make up.

Let me know what you’re wearing for Halloween!

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CeciPB dijo...

Me encantaron tus imagenes!!!! super a doc con la fecha!!! :)

alexinocouture dijo...

Ya quiero ver el tuyo!!
Me encantaron éstas ideas!! El de Flora y el de Snake à la McQueen fueron mis favs.


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