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God Save McQueen, PFW SS11

This blog started talking about McQueen. My first post was about his death and what a shock it had been to me. I still remember the first collection I saw of him, Spring 2001 with a woman in white, caged with owls. Back then I was pretty much a kid, and all I could think of when I saw this was this was a magic trick. Theatricality at its best. Later on, I would grow to understand all the emotional and fictional connotations of his work. It was pretty sad the fashion world had lost an incredible genius.

After Lee's death, everything resumed to one single question, what would happen to Alexander McQueen. A woman stepped up, Sarah Burton, who had worked with him since 15 years ago. Yesterday we saw what she was capable of. And I have to say, I’m proud. Filling the shoes of someone so marvelous was a hard job, nevertheless Burton presented a collection, the vision of McQueen seen through a woman’s eyes. It was dramatic, it was theatrical, and it was incredible handcrafted, three elements that distinguished Lee’s work.

Sarah managed to give us a collection that said farewell Lee and welcome new ideas. It’s convenient the collection wasn’t radically different; Burton will show her vision through time and success. But who can argue the genius of the wheat dress? or the monarch butterfly dress? The hair, the shoes, the silhouettes, everything was softened but with the same distinctive dream like worlds McQueen used to conceive in his work. I am very excited for Sarah Burton, and this is an amazing work.

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