martes, 29 de junio de 2010

We love Hitchcock, We love 60's, We love Louis Vuitton

Quite a big post but I’m suddenly inspired. The truth is it was thanks to Lone Scherfig’s film, An Education, which i completely loved. The cinematography was remarkable but what really fascinated me was the Art Direction; to be more specific, the clothes. The 1950’s-1960’s style was accurate but more important, incredibly fashionable. The story starts with Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a high school girl whose ultimate dream is to go to Oxford until she meets David (Peter Sarsgaard), a man older than her that suddenly shows her the beauty of the big life, concerts, restaurants, jazz, and finally, Paris. And in the way, Jenny has this amazing make over (I’m a fan of make overs, who isn’t?). She becomes this stylish girl à la mode, whose only wish is to live to the fullest and with the help of Rosamund Pike she pulls off theee most lovely outfits (the Paris outfit is my favorite).

After I finished watching the movie and daydreaming about me walking in Paris with THAT dress, and THOSE glasses and buying books, I had a dejá vu, the styling was very familiar. And suddenly I remembered…. It was the Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Campaign.

Featuring Christy Turlington, Natalia Vodianova and Karen Elson, Steven Miesel did a terrific job shooting this Hitchcockian campaign. Even though I would have loved it to be more creative in matters of setting, I couldn’t help but think Miesel wanted the clothes to be the main element to construct the mood of the campaign as well as the reference to the 1960’s inspiration, and that was merely enough. It is certainly one of the loveliest and most romantic collections of Louis Vuitton. Viva la mode! Viva la vie!

Images via AceShowbiz and Fashion Gone Rogue

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Blooterry dijo...

I have ALWAYS wanted to watch this movie and I keep forgetting :( thanks for reminding me!! Awesome pics, by the way.

Duarte dijo...

excelente blog karla ¡
deberias de poner links a otros blogs y tener mas seguidores.
ya viste las demas campañas ??

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