domingo, 20 de junio de 2010

Mr. Perra 2

Neon Delirium wearing a Te Amo Vintage Pearl Shirt

Me, wearing a sequined leopard print dress, black studded belt, spiked bracelet and beige gladiator wedges (can’t stop wearing them).

Armando, wearing a black outfit with his leather asymmetrical vest, and a pair of Dr. Martens

Fer, love the denim shorts with the stockings and army boots.

Mr. Perra is a set of parties in Mexico City for the fashion, the freak and the outstanding. They are located in Club Social Fray Bernardino, a place that feels adequate for the mixture of fashion and music. I went to Mr. Perra 2, and I loved it, lots of fashion people, hundreds of styles, electro funk music and visuals from Natural Born Killers (favorite movie!). This time the music was in charge of the amazing Zemmoa along with Rafa, one of the designers from Te Amo, and Martin Cuevas. I had the best time ever; here are some photographs of the party that I took. I am looking forward for the next Mr. Perra party, can’t hardly wait!

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Kali♥ dijo...

los shorts son cheap monday las botas dr martens :P

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