lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

High Fashion Mannequin

Interview has never disappointed me. It’s certainly one of my favorite fashion magazines and I’m a huge fan of the amazing editorials since August 2008 with Eva Mendez in the cover. This time the credit is for Craig McDean; he caught my attention since I saw the cover of Interview magazine with Kristen Stewart ( I loveeee this cover). He is not afraid of taking risks, experimenting with light, tonalities, and even the concept he is conceiving in the photograph. Is Megan Fox too dumb or too pretty to be considered a plastic beauty? Maybe, but McDean achieves answering this question in a satirical way, mocking our standards of beauty with delicacy. In my opinion, Megan Fox looks incredibly high fashion with a bob, and Lanvin pieces among other brands. With the work of McDean, in this case we can say, mannequins look wickedly good.

Photos via Fashion Gone Rogue

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