jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

You Just Got GIF'd

A few weeks ago, Greello introduced me to the magic of Cinemagram, a very cool app where you can produce your own cinemagraphs in just minutes (no, not seconds, it's freaking hard to draw flawlessly the mask). Since the discovery of Jaime Beck and Kevin Burg's work, I've been obsessed with this type of GIF's. The ones of Coco Rocha are my favorites, but lately they've been working with Kelly Framel from The Glamourai and the result is quite charming.

Images: Jaime Beck and Kevin Burg

The magic of this type of GIF's is the cinematic quality that a fashion image acquires. How many times have we said it's better to see things in movement than in a static position? That's exactly my deal with clothes. There's a huge difference watching them in the runway, where the wind, the pose and the attitude build the mise-en-scène of the garment, than in a still picture.

What do you think of my first cinemagraphs?

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Valeria Vera dijo...

Karli, los AAAAAME, aunque debo confesar que el ultimo es un poco creepy jaja. BTW ,antes no era muy fan de los gifs, de hecho los odiaba, habia algunos muy rapidos y pointless. Pero a partir de éste tipo de apps han proliferado unos padres, y estos te quedaron increibles!. Amo el de coco! love it love it!

Belen dijo...

Yo amo tu collar! de donde es?

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