sábado, 29 de octubre de 2011

Halloween Fever (and giveaway!)

Last Thursday I attended the party for the Halloween Fever perfume from Jesus del Pozo. Tons of friends, a spooky house and chandeliers made of this night a delight, the mood was just perfect to start the Halloween parties round up. To say the perfume is good is not enough, it smells like mystery and elegance should do. As soon as they sent me the perfume I went head over heels for it, and guess what? I have one for you! Yeaaah, giveawaaaay! The dynamic will be the following:

-  follow @hwnperfumes_es on twitter
-  follow me on twitter @madykarla
- in the comments section you should put a link of a picture of you with your Halloween costume (name and email as well) (don't cheat kiddos! no taking pictures to other people's costumes ja!). Be dareful and go beyond your imagination, the best costume wins!

The contest ends at midnight Monday 31, Mexico time, and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.  Soooo what you waiting for??!! Get dressed, go out and impress, this is the Halloween fever... 

PS. Everyone can participate, it doesn't matter if your from Mexico or not, you all have a chance :)

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Guapóloga dijo...

¡Qué bonitas fotos! Gracias por colarme por ahí ;)
Y que gane el mejor disfraz!

karin dijo...

Lo de seguirlos seguro pero lo del disfraz no se los prometo porque no tengo ninguno, habrá que pedir uno prestado.Como sea me encantó la fiesta y las fotos. Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

Anónimo dijo...

Hope i win :)

Gea Koleva

Anónimo dijo...

Took it with instagram.. is it ok?

Alexandra Hampton

Chamberto dijo...

¡Nunca me perdonaré haber dejado pasar la oportunidad de asistir al evento! Aunque me da gusto ver que fue un éxito y que tanta gente querida fue. Buenas fotos

Brittany dijo...

Love your blog mademoiselle!

Brittany R.

miraZOO dijo...

¡¡Ufff, mi perfume favorito!! Espero ganar n_n
Love you my dearest!

Daniela Mirassou.


Anónimo dijo...
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