jueves, 6 de octubre de 2011

Childhood Fantasies

I have to confess I'd been waiting anxiously for the Louis Vuitton show. Not just because I was sure of the lovely collection  Marc Jacobs would present, but also because along with Chanel, Louis Vuitton is one of the brands to create a whole mise-en-scène, by showing a breathtaking scenery and production. Got to say the autumn/winter show was one of my favorites, the reference of Night Porter, the whole construction of an antique foyer and the sexual connotations of the sheer and plastic outfits were some of the elements that made of this show, in my opinion, one of the bests of the season.

Yesterday I saw the spring/summer show and it left me completely satisfied. Even though it was an extreme change from the roughness of the last season, this was a beautiful blast to the past in all senses. It almost seemed like an ode to an english fantasy childhood. If there's anyone who can shift from such extreme positions and succeed, is Marc Jacobs. From beginning to end, the show was a big bite of cotton candy, starting with the sweetness of the score from a music box and continuing with a big dream-like carrousel with models riding fake horses like in a Gilliam movie. Kate Moss at the end, walking in a big white eyelet dress with feathers was just the cherry on top.

Eyelet lace, pastels, feathers and lamps shapes in dresses and skirts made of this collection a true childhood fantasy. The see through plastic bags and the cap toe metallic pointed shoes were completely charming along with the Vandyke collars in jackets and dresses. I'm amazed by how the perception of a woman from a brand can change so much and still be faithful to the spirit and core values of the design motto. In any other case, the extreme change from fetishist to innocence would have been quite a shock, but here, it was just a marvelous and sweet fantasy. 

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