martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Ashes and smoke: Chanel FW11

Chanel FW11

The Grand Palais has turned into many worlds for the sake of Chanel. We've been in the Arctic, a farm, Shanghai, Last year in Marienbad, and so on. This time we were in a remote land of volcanic rock, with coal, ashes and smoke everywhere. A very somber stage compared to the past ones but that reflected exactly the essence of this collection, dark, tough & strong. There was even this manly feeling throughout the whole collection, reflected in baggy trousers and work boots. 

Nevertheless the Chanel factor couldn't be missed with the pressence of tweed jackets in different versions such as a simple model with herringbone pattern or the more traditional model with the embellished buttons in contrast to the industrial workwear. The long coats and capes were a personal favorite along with the evening wear, a combination between sheer organza, fur and leather gloves. It is hard to say what Chanel reminded me the most, maybe a phoenix emerging from the ashes, an industrial factory or volcanic traces, but it was undoubtedly strong, a tough attempt to be closer to sportswear, even though that's not Chanel's puissance.

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