domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Happy bday dear blog!

I've been thinking about the day this blog would turn a year for quite some days. Mainly because I thought I would certainly forget it, and actually, I did, I have the worst track of time. Anyway, I thought I should take some time to reflect about this last year and what this blog has meant to me (I assure you I'm not going to get emotional so you can keep on reading).

A year ago a very dear friend of mine (NeonDelirium) thought I should start a blog, and let me tell you, I wasn't so sure about it. After convincing me with what can only can be described as constant encouraging and sweet (the sweetest) comments I started this blog. I wasn't sure what I was going to talk about, or even what type of blog this was going to be. "Just put in there what you like and love" Chava said (I bet you he can't remember that). And I thought I should write (post) about something personal yet in a common ground. 

Around those days Alexander McQueen died; it was terrible news for the fashion world, to lose such a genius. I decided that's what I should write about; not only because it was breaking news, but because it was something I loved and liked. In this (fashion) world, few things remain permanent, constant. 
This is an industry that works with the sole principle of continous renewal. We've reached an age of fast fashion, instant newsfeed, and idyllic exclusiveness. We spend hours in front of this screen, watching live streams and tons of runway images so we can only retain a minimum part of it.  And that's exactly why I thought I should wrote about McQueen. Not only because a genius had disappeared, and the fashion world was mourning, but because it meant something to me. I love(d) his work and was deeply moved by it. The imaginary worlds he created with each of his creations were something I related in a permanent level. Until this day I can tell you, his collections remain a big influence in my visual and aesthetic parameters.


Starting a fashion blog was a mixed feeling for me. In one hand, there are millions and millions of fashion blogs, the content each time turns more and more repetitive but in the other hand they have become a real influence in the fashion industry (some of them). Nevertheless, I thought why not? For the first time I had an open space where I could gather any thoughts or images I wanted to share. Finally, the blog turned, mainly, into a constant newsfeed of fashion photography. To the inception of a concept until the very last retouch in it, fashion photography has always been a passion. It has always made me think of the perfect image, according to my own concepts of aesthetics and technical skills required. In this time, I have posted about different things, but always with the same goal, to create a personal space about fashion aesthetics and all it implies. From styling, and fashion weeks to fashion film and art, this has become a memory box of different areas of the fashion industry I think are exceptional or beautiful.
This blog has taken many forms since that first McQueen post, and has brought me many joys in my life. I've found great friends, and meet incredible people with it. It has taken me closer to know what I want to do with my life and how I see the world in terms of aesthetics. For me, posting has been inspiring, relaxing and a thrilling adventure. I want to thank you reader, not for constantly visiting this blog, but for what it means. Thanks for taking the time, to read it, and sometimes, to consider this is a nice space for fashion and style. 

Every birthday we tend to think about what we've done and what new things are expecting us. The past and the future. This blog will keep evolving with time, but it will never be something without meaning to me. Hope you keep enjoying it, for another lovely year.

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No me equivoqué al convencerte. Hoy Mademoiselle Karla después de un año ha logrado cosas que ningún blogger, y se posiciona como uno de los mejores. Felicidades.

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