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How to pack for six months and not die trying.... Part I

Finally, I’ve began thinking about packing. I’ve been terribly lazy lately but I’m enjoying the wonders of not having to wake up early to class. Yesterday I even got up, went for a glass of milk and a slice of pie and went back to bed to finish Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (it’s the third time I read it). But between all my laziness I finally started to make a plan about packing. As I promised, I was going to share with you my clean, efficient and fool proof plan for packing. Here is part I, the first steps to pack for six months and not die trying….

1. Research!
The very first step… this part is going to be all about investigation. Before you even start thinking about the shoes you’re taking you need to know a few things in advance…

- what kind of weather are you going to. This is completely crucial. Depending on the weather of the place you’re going to visit you will choose what kind of clothes you’ll take (cold/hot/average weather). Unless you’re traveling to London, you’ll be able to know in advance how the weather will be for the next weeks/months. You need to be sure if it’s worth taking two or three coats (trench, faux fur) before packing them. I know I’m in big trouble since I will live in a cold weather the first months and hell temperatures in the last ones. So.. take an average! I firmly suggest taking more clothes of the predominant weather. Don’t forget it is probable you’ll end up buying more clothes there so don’t try to pack your whole closet. Take exactly what you need for the season.  Advices?
For cold weather you could take a sheep panel jacket, a trench coat or a military jacket/parka. They were all the rage this winter season, specially the military and the sheep panel jackets. Try to take with you the biggest item and pack the ones that are easier to fold.

Sheep Panel Jacket & Camel Trench Coat from Topshop; Military Jacket from Miss Selfridge

For hot weather:

Topshop floral print dress

Topshop Denim boyshorts

Acne Nude dress
NOTE: get creative, you can use the hot weather options for cold weather, a pair of tights and you’re done.

- what type of place. This step might seem stupid but it’s going to define the amount of clothes and shoes you’re taking and which type. For example, you’ll need different clothes if you’re going in a business trip than a backpack trip through Europe. In my case I’m going to a big city, to study and have some fun. I’m sure I’ll need to walk A LOT so the priority goes for flats and boots. It’s important to know this stuff, you might pack tons of high heel shoes and face that you need to walk through Florence, believe me, it’s a nightmare (unless you’re a fashion blogger attending Luisa Via Roma events, then, you’re allowed to commit this kind of suicide with style). Pack according to your needs.

Photos from Le Blog de Betty

- how many suitcases you’re allowed to take. perhaps this is the most important point in the whole plan. Of this point depends if you’re a happy fashion traveler or a miserable one. Take me for example. I was planning on taking two suitcases of 30 kgs each one (according to my poor memory those were the standards in the airline). Next scene and the airline is telling me I’m only allowed to take ONE suitcase of 23 kg. You can imagine my delicate reaction..! At the end it turned out I had the right to take another suitcase IF I’m willing to pay 60 USD. Once you’ve comfirmed with the airline how many suitcases you’re allowed to register you may start thinking about the amount of clothes you’ll be taking. I’m going to do my best to pack in one suitcase… but I know me… I’m already paying in my head the 60 bucks.

Lily Cole by Paolo Roversi for Pop Magazine

To be continued….

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