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How to pack for 6 months and not die trying... Part II

Continuing the epic guide on how to pack as a mere mortal..
Sorry for the delay, I'm still moving so i'm having this bittersweet taste towards packing. Anyway, I finished packing my suitcase and now I can tell you what to do and not to do. There's something I forgot to tell you in the intro, you need to pack waaay before your trip. Sounds stupid but while I started packing three days earlier, I finished 5 hours before my flight (a horrible and frustrating experience!).

In part I, it was all about research...

Part II

- make the list: right after you've finish your previous research you'll start making a list (it's better to actually write one) of what you'll need to pack for your upcoming trip. This way you'll have a rough but clear idea of how many clothes you'll need and what type of. This step will save us time in the editing part, believe me. There are some apps you can use to make your list like The Universal Packing List which calculates a list according to some information like days of stay, temperature, type of accomodation, etc.  I found the Packing List by Travellerspoint.com which turned useful too. This list will become handy when you come back as well, this way you won't loose anything and  you'll have everything in order.

Resort Trip Packing List via Closet Couture

- make the cut: Unfortunately you can't take with you your three fur coats, four pairs of boots, uncountable bags and your three lomo cameras unless you're willing to pay overweight (which avoiding it is the whole point of the guide). Once you have the list and you're making little piles of clothes you'll have to go through them, probably, four times. Take only what you need, what you're sure you'll use and what doesn't take much space. Do it as well with jewelry, shoes and underwear.
There's no point in taking 365 pairs of shoes if you'll end up using only two pairs of flats. Remember, everything weights and everything occupies space, it's better if you take one coat and three turtle neck sweaters than just two coats. They'll weight the same, but you'll have more chances of combining them. Advices? Take lots of leggings and tights if you're going to cold weather, they'll weight less and are by far, easier to combine (tights with skirts and shorts). Jeans tend to weight more, but don't forget to take at least two pairs.

- what about shoes? I think I'm the wrong person to give advice in this matter but hey, i'm writing about it! I took a whole suitcase (a little one) full of shoes... THAT is a don't. Better put everything in one suitcase, if you're sure you're paying overweight at least save the need to pay for an extra suitcase. Unfortunately it's in my nature to carry with lots of shoes everywhere I go... so yeah, I paid for an extra suitcase (sorry dad!) advices? Take different kinds of shoes, a pair of flats, a pair of boots, etc. Try not to take more of each kind or color, it will be easier to combine and you'll have more diversity.

- what about jewelry? Jewelry often goes unnoticed until you're taking the bag out in the airport because overweight and you figure out it weights 2 kg. Same advice as with the shoes, economize! Take one thing of each kind! Avoid heavy jewelry or if you really want to take it with you, wear it the day you're traveling (i don't recomend this too much, you'll be uncomfortable during the flight).

The dreadful task of packing has finally appeared... and it's easier than you imagine. I was going to go step through step explaining how to pack your clothes but I think I should let an expert explain how to pack fashion. Someone like... Ms. Anna Dello Russo! (fashion director of Japanese Vogue for those who ignore it), known for her excentric wardrobe (MY dream wardrobe).

For those of you who are not packing for a fashion week and want to know exactly how to pack, visit ehow, it's extremely useful and you'll find a guide for everything. I followed some basic advices:
    - rolling clothes takes less space (jeans, pants, leggings, sweaters)
    - put the toiletries bag inside a plastic bag as well, if something spills it won't stain your clothes.
    - pack shoes in cotton or plastic bags, in the bottom or in the free spaces between clothes
    - take all important belongings with you in the carry on bag (passport, important papers, cameras, etc.)
    - pack the delicate clothes last, you'll be able to hang them first as soon as you get to your destination

About the things you're taking with you on the airplane, try to find a carry on bag where you can take everything. I found this Kipling bag with constellations' print which has a special compartment for my MacBook and for the DSLR. This way I didn't need to get in the plane with three separate bags.

I really hope this turns useful for someone, have a safe trip!!

Myf Sheperd by Luciana Val & Franco Musso, Número 105

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elena dijo...

¡Feliz viaje! qué este lleno de aprendizaje.


Rachel dijo...

Thanks, I actually found this somewhat useful (I found this by literally googling "how to pack for 6 months)...I'm leaving for Japan on Monday for six months, so I totally know what you're going through. Except that Japanese fashion is so different from any kind of Western fashion...and I also have to fit in ski clothes!

Hope you're having a great trip.

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