domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

Polaroid Master

Anouck Bertin sure knows what the polaroid magic is all about. She started at 17 when she moved from Mexico City to Paris to discover the world of fashion. At 22 she worked in a teenager magazine where she learned all about the industry, the who’s who and the basics of aesthetics. Later on she moved to New York where she faced the tough challenge of adapting to one of the major cities in the world (and of the fashion industry of course). Thanks to this change, she opened her blog where she posted her polaroids. And now here she is, one the hottest fashion photographers nowadays. Being a regular photographer for Nylon magazine and other projects such as the TEAMO lookbook (09), she has shown and defend her own style, keeping the magic and freshness of the polaroids but highlighting the beauty and minimalism of every picture.

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