viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Maco 2010

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a lot but I’ve been so busy lately, finishing film projects, exams and going to the MACO (Mexico Arte Contemporaneo). It is a contemporary art exhibition which lately has been gaining a lot of importance in the mexican art scene. The responsible of this event is Zelika García and the improvement this exhibition has had over the years is significantly huge. This time 96 galleries, 900 artists and 20 countries contributed to make this exhibition remarkable. Galleries such as Dean Gallery, Hilario Galguera Gallery (Mexican), The Pool NY, and Yautepec Gallery (Mexican) presented unique works of art along with all the galleries of Zona Maco Sur which gathers a set of gallerists of South America with original and fresh proposals.

I interviewed some gallerists, and I have to admit some of them were scared to answer the golden question “what is art?” but there was a particular answer that caught my attention, Dean Martin from Dean Gallery answered “Art is something that’s a challenge, it’s something you look at, you think about, and discover different narratives”. I agree completely, art should be something with a narrative discourse, a specific purpose which will challenge our senses in multiple ways and produce an unpredictable reaction.

Here are some of my favourite artworks.

My personal favourite, the interventions of Adrían Villar Rojas, it was an entire bibliotheque of intervened books.

When I saw this i almost screamed, Erwin Olaf is one of my favourite photographers! The picture is amazing, the palette of colors, the model direction, the art direction, everything!

This neon work of art remembered me of NeonDelirium, he loveeees neon!

Me, photographing a broken mirror. I promise I will post the gallerists’ interviews along with all the pictures soon, i need to make a documentary/audiovisual of it. Meanwhile hope you like this little insight to one of my favourites art exhibitions. I will be in Zona Maco 2011 definitely!

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