jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Best Female Fashion Blog!

Yesterday, the Blog Awards came to an end and guess what? Mademoiselle Karla won Best Female Fashion Blog!!! The competition was very tight, even in the other categories, but I'm so happy and I can't do more but thank all of you who voted, dear readers, family and friends. Thanks too to Privalia, who has been awesome with the blogger community, we had so much fun with this competition haha.

On Monday they will announce the prizes and the date of the Blogger's Day, so expect tons of pictures with my fellow friends, winners and bloggers. Meanwhile, I'll keep relaxing with this well deserved mini vacations in the beach. Photos coming soon!

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Tracy Roberts @ hair salon oceanside NY dijo...

I just loved the dress that has been showcased in the above blog its really very much inspiring and also much fascinating loved the design, its simply awesome.

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