sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Photo crush: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

I think it has something to do with our generation that everyone loves gifs. Don't know why, maybe it's the charm of seeing a short repetition of an action in such a charming way. The thing is gifs have been evolving for some time to a new concept called "cinemagraphs" which are a combination between still photography and animated graphics. That's exactly what super duo Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg do to create this amazing pictures/movies. The lovely touch comes from what they animate, being a strand of hair, a skirt moved by the wind, or the oscillation of a keychain. 
The only cinemagraph I've seen before was about Bere made by her vikingo (lol), you can watch it here.
To see more of Jamie's work you can visit his tumblr where he posts lovely pictures and cinemagraphs.

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